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XED light simulation of natural light haze national key energy-saving technology promotion

Working principle:

XED light working principle: With a contain high voltage,the Xenon gas is ionized and excited, then it emits light in the plasma state with the control of invented patented 'Secondary Frequency Control Technology', the light spectrum is very similar with sunlight, so XED light is usually called'Small Artificial Sun', and it is the best artificial light source at present.Reming XED light is named as the leader of the fifth-generation light source by the industry experts when it came out.

Product features:

1.Full light spectrum: the only light source with full light spectrum.

2.Super energy-saving: save 87.5% energy.

3.Hot start: can instant hot start, which has broken through the limitations of high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

4.Long lifetime, low light failure: still working well after six years of practical application in the field of street lighting, still has 80% original luminous efficacy after working 20,000hours.

5. Resistant to high and low temperature:  can be used at the temperature of -45°C~+ 85°C.

Product type:
  • Bulb
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Street light
  • Industrial light
  • Project lighit
  • Flood light
  • Canister light
  • Tunnel light
  • High-pole light
  • XED Integrated Lamp
  • Road lamp
  • Landscape lamp
  • Garden light
  • Lawn lamp