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Jiaxing Lei Ming Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2010, is a set of xed lighting research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the fifth generation lighting source leading enterprises, the only light source products technology into the national development and Reform Commission "national key energy-saving technology promotion catalog of the high-tech enterprises.
Our products
Energy-saving Discharge-Lamp Xenon xenon lamp for energy saving XED". Revolver "xed" light the secondary frequency conversion control and xenon plasma luminous technology, energy-efficient 87.5%, is the world's most energy-efficient lighting source, is the world's only a full spectrum light source, known as "artificial sun". Use long life, low light decay; energy saving and efficient, quick start; adapted to a wide range of temperature; no flicker, no blue; transformation widely used; maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristics.
Our research and development
The company has been committed to energy efficiency, green environmental protection, intelligent technology products R & D, and set up a global leader in the level of technology, Lei Ming Electronics Global R & D center". Lei Ming electronic global R & D center under the R & D Department of electronic technology, the research and Development Department of light source, optical structure R & D department, with the light source experiment, optical experiments, electronic experiments, intelligent control experiments.
Our users
Applied in the road, industrial, commercial, tunnel, construction, sports venues and stations, docks, airports, museums, square parks and other places of lighting. The company always adhere to exceed customer expectations of service concept, tailored to the user with the most cost-effective xed lamp overall solution, users throughout China, an extension of Asia, and sold in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania and other continents of the world.
Our honor
Was awarded the honorary title of "science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Jiaxing high tech enterprise", the product won the "National College of energy saving and environmental protection products", "Wuxi City focus on the promotion of energy saving products" honorary title.
Our certification
Companies have adopted the "quality management system ISO9001 certification", "China Quality Certification Center CQC, CCC, China energy-saving product certification", "the EU safety certification sign CE certification, and obtained the invention patent, a total of 20 patents, has independent intellectual property rights of a number of techniques to fill the domestic blank.
Our duty
Lei Ming electronic adhering to "healthy, green, environmental protection, safe, efficient, and wisdom of the science and technology products and services in the global consumer purpose, adhere to create the world's leading lighting enterprise for vision, through research and development, production, marketing activities, and improve our social life, pursuit of excellence, never stop.

research and development system
After more than 10 years of accumulation and continuous investment, Lei Ming Electronics has been established to improve the R & D system for the development of enterprises to provide a steady stream of power. 2010, the formal establishment of Lei Ming Electronics Global R & D center, set up a global leader in the development of the level of technology research and development team. At the same time with the Southeast University jointly set up a XED xenon special lighting laboratory, research and development of cutting-edge technology in the field of lighting, to achieve production, learning, research integration, integration of external resources, to build enterprise core technology.
Lei Ming Electronics Global R & D center in accordance with international standards set up electronic technology R & D department, light source technology R & D department and the optical structure of the R & D department, with the light source, optical experiment, experimental electronic, intelligent control experiments.
Lei Ming made including invention patents, including a total of 20 national patents, has independent intellectual property rights of a number of techniques to fill the domestic blank, and a series of products officially named xenon force Discharge-Lamp xenon gas energy-saving lamp "referred to as xed lamp".


Production base

Lei Ming electronic construction modernization of Jiashan, Zhejiang Industrial Park, according to the international standard strictly enforced, with perfect automation production, testing production lines, product quality inspection standards with the international synchronization to ensure product quality excellent, stable, products factory pass rate remained above 99.5%, insist on the use of international brands of electronic components, light efficiency design requirements is generally higher than domestic energy efficiency standards. Matching international level synchronization of the Lei Ming Electronics Global R & D center, to provide customers with professional, personalized, energy-efficient lighting.

Lei Ming passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCC National Compulsory Product Certification, CQC certification, China energy-saving product certification, the European CE certification and other relevant inspection and testing, energy level reached the first class standard. Strong manufacturing capacity is the solid backing of Lei Ming electronics, product rich, complete category, the size of a large manufacturing system to support the expansion of the industry and the expansion of Lei Ming Electronics market.


Began to study XED xenon light source in industrial and mining enterprises, roads, shopping malls and other lighting applications.


With many colleges and universities and the establishment of a wide range of scientific research institutes closely linked.


The first generation XED lamp has the achievement, the XED bulb is initially formed.


The first XED bulb came out.


Jing Jiashan entrepreneurship center as a science and technology project introduction of the national level science and technology business incubator "center to focus on the business incubator, Jiaxing Lei Ming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and the introduction of advanced production equipment, began large-scale production.
Lei Ming Electronics Global R & D center was established, the introduction of a number of outstanding professional R & D design engineer.
Southeast University jointly set up a XED xenon special lighting laboratory, the integration of external resources, to build the core technology companies.
Won the national patent for the first XED lamp.


Is recognized as a scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang province.


Was identified as high-tech enterprises in Jiaxing city.


China Lighting Electric Appliance Association member units.


Shandong Lei Ming Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, Lei Ming Electronics began to take the group of the road.


To expand production scale and set up production base in Jiashan economic and Technological Development Zone.
Planning 2000 acres of Zhejiang Industrial Park, to create the world's largest electric light source manufacturing base.
Lei Ming XED lamp product technology into the national development and Reform Commission, the national focus on energy conservation technology promotion catalog, is the only one of the domestic light source enterprises. 

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